Monday, July 5, 2010

Big Faces

If you know me, you know that I like *big* things. My handbags (aka 'bodybags' because I can practically fit a body in one), hair, money, whatever. BIGGER IS BETTER. It's crazy because I'm a slim girl but that's what I love about it too!

I've had an obsession with menswear inspired watches for the longest time now. They're like statement pieces. Normally, I would've already purchased one but I was stuck on the unfortunate possibility that the watch's face would have been wider than my wrist, which meant that I would have to physically take time out of my schedule to try on watches...and at that point I just decided that I wasn't that serious nor was it necessary at the moment. That and the fact that I already had a pink Baby-G that suited my "girl on the go" needs. However, with the start of a new job in a office environment that actually allows me to have nice things without the risk of dropping them in milkshakes and lattes or having sketchy strangers run up on me like they're going to rob me--OK, I'm going on a tangent.
The point is, I can finally get one of these and "look the part" for my new job.
OK...Actually, my job is pretty casual and they encourage that in order to make everyone(customers included) comfortable. Why lie? I just want it. And now that my schedule isn't as chaotic, I can set aside time to shop around and have the watch links removed as needed. Now, if only I could decide on a gold, or silver one...


The name's Kierra said...

I say go with silver it's so classy

Courtney said...

You know what? I agree!