Friday, December 31, 2010


I am loving these number patterns. Happy New Year to everyone! I try not to live in the past, but I had a wonderful last day of 2010 with my good friend, Blog Me, Boo in our lovely hometown city of downtown Charleston, S.C. Check out her blog for all the fun pictures!

I've decided not to have any resolutions. I have a 5-year plan that's detailed enough, so as long as I'm working toward that, I'm happy. I do have something else planned though...

365 days. 365 photos. 1 moment a day. 1 photo a day. Some days are super mundane, so hopefully this will force me to find more things to appreciate. I'm not going to lie. The first few days are going to be kind of lame until I get the swing of it, so don't be too harsh on me, haha! You're more than welcome to join in if you'd like and if you do...leave a link so that I can see some photos!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shame on me.

I just hop from blog to blog. I'm not sure if Tumblr is considered a "blogging site" but I have one. LoveCourtastic at Tumblr.

Fall semester is DONE! I'm not pleased with finishing with a 3.4...I seriously expected a 3.7 or 3.8 is what it is. Time for the real major courses before my 1st major program. Microbio, biochem, a&p(part II) and then I can sort of relax before taking courses towards my 2nd major(Hi, Physics & organic chem!). Yes, it's crazy but I find that if I don't think that it's crazy, I'll be able to handle it. Mind over matter.

A Special Happy Birthday to my homegirl over at Blog Me, Boo! She's turning 21, again. And in 2 months or so, I will be too. I'll be 21 until I turn 25. Those other years are extraneous to me.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Tis The Season...

I must be getting old because the thrill and anticipation of getting Christmas gifts have faded. Plus, I actually enjoy buying things for other people now! Naturally, this frustrates those who genuinely like me and actually want to buy me things during the holidays(love y'all!). I've just gotten to the point in my life where I'm happy to be in good health after having:

  • The H1N1 virus
  • a mental breakdown of sorts which led to...
  • (stress)hives
  • ongoing situations with my family that have pretty much forced me to give up everything that I've busted my ass for.
Honestly, Christmas gifts are the last thing on my mind and the main thing that I do want won't fit under the tree...and if it can, then we have a problem. ...Unless it's in the form of a check, of course.

Another thing that I've been told is that I'm hard to shop for because I'm really picky selective about everything and I buy all of the "would be gifts" for myself throughout the year...which is true.

So with that being said, I'll make it easy this year. Although I don't like making lists of things for people to buy for me because I'm stubbornly independent and Christmas isn't all about me(but my birthday is--February 7, mark your calendars!)I'll make some suggestions with a few of my favorite things/stores.
  1. Sephora
  2. Express
  3. The Limited
  4. Gap
  5. Chocbite
  6. Gucci by Gucci for Women
  7. Nina by Nina Ricci
  8. Fossil
  9. Amazon
  10. Forever21
  11. Ca$h/Gift Cards
There. Go crazy.

The Season of Finals is Upon Us!

Remember this post? Well guess what? It's baaaaacccck. If you're wondering, I'm a mixture of the following right now:

See, aside from printing out review sheets, I haven't done any studying. Luckily I've never have to study like crazy in order to make a half-decent grade in anything(so far) in my academic career, but my lackadaisical attitude towards it all is even making me sick.
All I've been doing lately is listening to music, taking sporadic naps, and complaining about having exams(as if I'm the only one who has them). I'm not worried about what's on the exam, I just don't want to take them. Having a "B" in a hard science as my lowest grade should be enough. Yes, these are insane feelings of entitlement, but I don't care. Hmph.