Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I solemnly swear I'm up to no good.

Day 4: Motherf---in' Microbiology

School doesn't start until next week but I bought the packet of notes for my microbio class only to find out that the first four chapters are missing. Why are they missing, you ask? The department head, author of the textbook, and my instructor(before I wised up and switched out of his section at the last minute), skipped over them.
SO, I'm outlining the chapters myself just in case my new instructor chooses to skip over them as well. In addition to that, I also like to read ahead of what I'm going to be learning in class anyway. Call me what you want but in a semester, I'll be on the Dean's List. I'm still salty about my GPA last semester...

In other news, I sunk back into my old ways and started serial flirting again. I doubt that I'll have the energy to do that everyday but it definitely was amusing! Fun times...