Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Season of Finals is Upon Us!

Remember this post? Well guess what? It's baaaaacccck. If you're wondering, I'm a mixture of the following right now:

See, aside from printing out review sheets, I haven't done any studying. Luckily I've never have to study like crazy in order to make a half-decent grade in anything(so far) in my academic career, but my lackadaisical attitude towards it all is even making me sick.
All I've been doing lately is listening to music, taking sporadic naps, and complaining about having exams(as if I'm the only one who has them). I'm not worried about what's on the exam, I just don't want to take them. Having a "B" in a hard science as my lowest grade should be enough. Yes, these are insane feelings of entitlement, but I don't care. Hmph.