Sunday, November 7, 2010

I drank the Kool-Aid.

Come get you some!

Yeah I went there. Let's talk about my slow but steady descent into Appledom.  I used to be such an Apple hater.  I felt like(and kind of still do) their products were over priced and the people who loved them so much were either: pseudo-intellectual, wanna-be artists, or extreme hipsters.  I wanted to be ~different~, so I had a Creative Zen Vision:M and a BlackBerry.  Then the iPod Touch came about.  It was tough, but I resisted the temptation to use my employee discount/go on eBay and buy one.  Oh, I resisted temptation many, many, MANY times.  All was going well with my phone, mp3 player, and bank account until I realized that I couldn't really work out with my Zen because it didn't have a flash based memory.  Basically, songs skipped every time I went jogging.

Uh, no bueno.

So, then I caved in and bought an 8GB iPod Nano 5G.  I justified my "traitorness" by reminding myself that it wasn't as expensive as an iPod Touch and I'd only use it when working out.  However, I somehow ended up not only throwing my Zen in a drawer(never to be touched again) but also buying an iHome Speaker System for my iPod.  My logic for that purchase?  "It matches my TV and it was on sale!" ...Yeah.  So, now it's just me and my BlackBerry.  We were going pretty strong for a while until I got bored with my 8320, bought a 9700 and then:
  • had some error pop up when I was surfing the internet on it.
  • saw everyone else bragging about their phones with all their fun apps.
  • succumbed to my monthly impulse purchase that usually is in sync with my cycle(TMI? Oops.)
So, 8 months later, I'm downloading apps on an iPhone 3Gs and feeling slightly guilty.  Brand loyalty is a female dog.   This isn't an iPhone vs BlackBerry blog. Both phones have their ups and downs.  In fact, I still have my 9700 in case I need to switch back.  And it's on the drawer and not in it, FYI.  But for now, BBM, instant email updates, and a "professional looking" phone aren't enough to keep me.  But a FREE app for pretty much anything that can keep me entertained will.

Oh, and I didn't get the iPhone 4G because of this.  Why even make it that difficult/risky?